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Reserve your entry fee now, limited space available.

Tournament Rules 

  1. Entry Fee:

    • The entry fee is $40 per team. Entry at the door will be $50.

  2. Team Composition:

    • Each team consists of 2 players.

    • No partner substitutions are allowed.

  3. Shot Rules:

    • No celebrity shots; only team players can take shots.

    • Scoring:

      • The same cup counts as 3 cups.

      • A ball bouncing on the table into a cup equals 2 cups (table bounce). Opponents can block the ball after the first bounce.

      • If both team members make the last cup, the game is won.

  4. Ball Handling Rules:

    • There is no fingering or blowing out the ball from cups once the ball is in.

    • Each team is allowed only one island per game, which equals 2 cups.

  5. Re-Racking:

    • Two re-racks are allowed per game; no gentlemen's re-rack.

    • No re-racks are permitted during a rebuttal or balls back scenario.

  6. Playing Conditions:

    • The shooting hand must be behind the table.

    • Only balls back are given when both team members make a shot.

    • During a rebuttal, a player continues to shoot until a miss occurs.

  7. Additional Rules:

    • No "heating up" or "fire" techniques are allowed during gameplay.

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Hours of Operation

Mon - Thur: 5pm-1am
​​Friday: 2pm-1am
​Saturday: 11am-1am

Sunday: 10am-1am

Sat-Sun: Served until 3pm

Mon-Thur: 5pm-7pm
Friday 2pm-7pm

72 N Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena, CA 91103


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